Appearing on Friday's Community Chest rather than Monday's, Dominik Lukeš is telling Thordis Fridrickson about the top 25 stories in technology that made an impact in 2007. The discussion is punctuated by tech-related songs.

1. Web 2.0 sparks another bubble 2. Facebook's rise to power: APIs, Beacon, questions about people ruining careers by posting too much for prospective employers to find 3. Social networking - Google and Open Social 4. Mobile phone news: iPhone - HTC Touch/Vox/Kaiser - Android 5. Radiohead, Madona and the recording industry 6. DRM-free music - iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Amiestreet, 7. Jammy Thomas v. RIIA 8. Online video continues to grow amid lawsuits and US writers' strike - YouTube, Joost, iTunes 9. BBC iPlayer (also in Podcasting news - BBC Launches Archers, Newsquiz) 10. Net neutrality: Broadband providers throttle bandwidth and internet slowdown predicted? 11. Google buys Doubleclick and privacy is dead 12. Lost personal data: TK Maxx, UK Government, US institutions 13. Outages: Skype, Windows Genuine Advantage, Virgin Broadband, San Francisco office building, Rackspace 14. Vista, Leopard, Ubuntu - Failure, Questionable, Making strides 15. Cheap laptops: OLPC & Eee PC 16. Office 2007 introduces new approach to wordprocessing but is challenged by online services (ZoHo, Google Office) and OpenOffice 17. AMD lags behind Intel whose Core 2 reigns supreme 18. Amazon Kindle 19. Halo 3 - Guitar Hero, Rock Band 20. Wii vs. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 21. HD TVs cheap but without proper content 22. Format War - BlueRay and HD DVD 23. Botnets - Estonia gets attacked, Spam - PDFs in Emails 24. 47% of people have Googled themselves 25. Word of the Year Woot

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