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On the 1st October Dominik was talking to Tim and Ross about his trip to Barcelona where he was at a conference of the Open Source project Drupal. The talk was about:

  • Difference between freeware and Open Source software
  • What kinds of free software people use
  • Why is Open Source important for companies and governments
  • Why programmers want to create free software

Dominik recorded a few interviews with important Drupal developers (including project founder Dries Buytaert) and played four clips to illustrate. The full interviews will be posted here eventually.


This week Tim, Ross and Dominik talked some more about Apple News. Dominik reminded everyone that iPod Touch can connect to WiFi and that sparked a quick discussion of the free municipal WiFi in Norwich - Tim was right about its reach. The upcoming Apple announcement that is all but certain to include the iPhone in the UK was also mentioned. And it turns out that Tim and Dominik prefer Facebook while Ross is a MySpace fan.We also talked a little about a great deal students can get on Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate at and the free alternative Next week, Dominik will be reporting from an Open Source conference in Barcelona and talking about free and open source software. And now for this week's theme:

Digital photography:

  • Buying a digital camera
  • Using a digital camera
    • shutter lag makes taking digital pictures different
    • many people don't know you need to push the shutter button half-way in first, wait for the zoom to lock in and then press it the rest of the way
    • TIP: you can use zoom locking to take pictures even into the sun> 1. Aim the camera at an object in about the same distance, 2. push the shutter button half-way in, lock the zoom BUT don't push it all the way, 3. Aim the picture at the object in the sun and take the picture.
  • What to do with the photos
    • BACK UP! Buy a large external hard-drive (250GB for #50) and back up a copy of all your pictures; THEN buy another one for a second copy and store it in a safe place
    • Print a few of them: Jessops or supermarkets will print them out from a card or CD. Their quality is usually higher than home ink-jet printers (unless you have the right paper and the right printer) and the photos are cheaper.
    • Share them online! offers free storage and great tools for creating albums and sharing them with others. See Dominik's pictures on Create an account, join the Future Radio group on and share your favorite pics with other listeners.
    • Some Flickr alternatives are PhotoBucket, SmugMug, TinyPic and many others.

Tim and Dominik are joined by Ross Patzelt to talk about the latest iPod releases from Apple and to announce this podcast on air for the first time.

Apple announces new iPods: (see UK Apple Store for details)

  • Shuffle gets new colors - £49 (1 GB) (Alternative: Creative Stone)
  • Nano now plays video - £99 - £129 (4-8GB) (Alternatives: Sandisk Sansa, iRiver, Samsung) (see Engadget's review roundup)
  • Classic now up to 160Gb and no longer white - £199 - £269 (80-160GB) (Alternatives: Cowon iAudio, Creative Zen, Toshiba Gigabeat, and more) (See PC Advisor's first look and a website review.)
  • iPod Touch - new, just one button, touch navigation, and WiFi - available Sept 28; £199 - £269 (8-16GB) (Alternatives: Archos, HTC Touch, Nokia N800, etc.) (see PC Advisor's first look)
  • iPhone - didn't have time to talk about that, UK ship date unclear



Tim and Dominik discuss the back to school gadgets and how to use Google to search more effectively. Oh, and the Eat Me Crunchy Bowl.

Here are some of the key Google tips:

More on Advanced searching on Google.


Tim and Dominik are joined by Ross Patzelt to talk about online music, Ross's upcoming trip to Slovakia and the Prague invasion of 1968.

Here are some notes and links:

First, to avoid

  • because of DRM and/or low quality: iTunes, Napster, Tesco (with exceptions for some EMI, Universal tracks)
  • because of dubious legality:,

To try cheaply:

To watch out for: Amazon's new download service

To get for free:

Good free streaming:

The subject of this Tech Talk is Broadband in the UK. What to look out for and how to get a reasonable deal.

This is where you can find out more:

More on this Google UK search:

In this first Tech Talk, Dominik and Tim talk about how to shop safely on the internet and why Norwich is the number one eBay city in the UK. Dominik then fails to convince Platform's Stash Kirkbride that it's worth shopping online.

Some useful links:

...and some more:

In this trial episode during the Future Radio's test transmissions, Tim and Dominik talked about why computers take so long to start up, what can be bought online, and how to buy an MP3 player. Questions of Dominik's heritage also came up. This Tech Talk was broadcast on Monday, 30 July 2007. All music was edited out due to copyright restrictions.

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